The Judge Advocates Foundation presents its Major General William K. Suter Distinguished Judicial Service Award to a trial or appellate judge serving in the active, reserve, guard, or civilian in the Armed Services. The annual recipient of the award is selected based on military and judicial accomplishments, unquestionable integrity, and community service. The award was created in 2007 and was named after Major General Suter who served as Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1991 until his retirement in 2013.  Major General Suter is widely recognized for his commitment to the judicial community and the Armed Forces.

2023 Colonel Glen R. Hines, USMC

2022 Captain Ted Fowles, USCG

2021 Colonel Charles E. Wiedie, Jr., USAF

2020 No dinner/No award

2019 Captain Eric Price, USN

2018 Colonel Gregory Maggs, USAR

2017 Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Robison, USMC

2016 Colonel Mike Hargis, USA

2015 Captain Gary Felicetti, USCG

2014 Colonel Vance Spath, USAF

2013 No dinner/No award

2012 Colonel Daniel “Doc” Daugherty, USMC

2011 Colonel Stephen R. Henley, USA

2010 Colonel Dawn R. Eflein, USAF

2009 Captain Daniel O’Toole, USN

2008 Colonel Ralph H. Kohlmann, USMC

2007 Colonel James L. Pohl, USA

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