American Bar Association’s Outstanding Young Military Lawyer Award

This ABA award recognizes outstanding contributions to the practice of military law. At the request of the ABA, the JAA Awards Committee evaluates all nominations submitted for this award. The JAA provides the list of winners for each service to the ABA. Nominees must be a licensed attorney who is on active duty and who is under the age of 36 (or first admitted to practice by his or her bar, within the past five years).  Nominees are not required to be members of the American Bar Association.  The award is presented at the ABA annual meeting.  Nominations are due annually to a point of contact designated each year by each service. Please consult the ABA website for details at

Past OYMLA Winners


Captain Gabrielle Lucero, Army
Major Daane Blocksma, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Alexandra Mooney, Navy
Major Christopher Simmons, Air Force
Lieutenant Commander Karen Lee, Coast Guard


Captain Vy Nguyen, Army
Captain Shannon Hillery, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Tanya Nikam, Navy
Major Samantha A. Sliney, Air Force
Lieutenant Commander Stew Sibert, Coast Guard

Major Fabienne Suter, Army
Captain Angelissa Savino, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Michelle Flash, Navy
Major Matt Zellner, Air Force
Lieutenant Commander Rory Haley, Coast Guard

Captain Oluwaseye  “Mary” Awoniyi, Army
Lieutenant Joshua Fiveson, Navy
Major Justina “Tia” Hooper, Air Force
Lieutenant Commander Salomee Briggs, Coast Guard
Major Nathan Michel, Marine Corps

Major Henry Wayne Janoe, Army
Lieutenant James Howland, Navy
Major Joshua Starr, Air Force
Lieutenant Commander Anthony DeStefano, Coast Guard
Captain Nicole Rimal, Marine Corps

2017 – 2018
Captain Amanda Williams, Army
Lieutenant Isaac Jalkanen, Navy
Major Christopher Stein, Air Force
Lieutenant Commander Emily A. Rose, Coast Guard
Major Bradley D. Brecher, Marine Corps

Captain Christopher J. Koschnitzky, Army
Lieutenant Thomas M. Caruso, Navy
Major Nicholas C. Frommelt, Air Force
Lieutenant Jeffrey T. Noyes, Coast Guard
Major Gable Hackman, Marine Corps

Captain Hsienjan Huang, Army
Lieutenant Geoffrey Gillespie, Navy
Major Allison DeVito, Air Force
Lieutenant Tereza Zohley, Coast Guard
Captain Joe Neely, Marine Corps

Captain Sarah E. Nealen, Army
Lieutenant Commander William Holt, Navy
Captain Adam N. Olsen, Air Force
Captain Harlye Carlton, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Sean Pribyl, Coast Guard

Captain Michael J. Scaletty, Army
Lieutenant Commander Trevor J. Grant, Navy
Captain Micah W. Elggren, Air Force
Captain Nelson F. Candelario, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Amanda Lee, Coast Guard

Major Aimee M. Bateman, Army
Major Ryan N. Hoback, Air Force
Lieutenant Aaron Casavant, Coast Guard
Captain Jason P. Brown, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Allison Ward, Navy

Captain Jason S. Ballard, Army
Major Charles J. Hebner, Air Force
Lieutenant Bryan R. Blackmore, Coast Guard
Captain Anthony T. Garofano, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Brian C. Haagensen, Navy

MAJ Joseph L. Strawn,  Army
LT Eric S. Nelson,  Navy
CPT Kellyann Haniford Boehm,  Air Force
MAJ Russell R. Henry,  Marine Corps
LT Dorothy J. Hernaez,  Coast Guard

Captain Naomi N. Porterfield,   Air Force
Captain Stephanie R. Cooper, Army
Lieutenant Commander Marc A. Zlomek, Coast Guard
Captain Korvin S. Kraics, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Christopher P. Toscano, Navy

Captain Dylan B. Williams, Air Force
Captain Jennifer L. Venghaus, Army
Lieutenant Benedict Gullo, Coast Guard
Captain John B. Diefenbach, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Thomas P. Byrnes, Navy

Captain Jason S. Robertson, Air Force
Captain Andrew K. Kernan, Army
Lieutenant Commander Donald Brown, Coast Guard
Captain Jennifer S. Parker, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Dustin E. Wallace, Navy

Captain W. James Annexstad, Air Force
Captain Daniel J. Everett, Army
Lieutenant Robert M. Pirone, Coast Guard
Major Robert G. Palmer, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Susan M. Mc Garvey, Navy

Major Patrick W. Franzese, Air Force
Captain Christian E. Beese, Army
Lieutenant Commander Christopher F. Murray, Coast Guard
Captain William J. Schrantz, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Christopher M. Williams, Navy

Major Stephen E. See, Air Force
Captain Bryan M. Taylor, Army
Lieutenant Commander Christopher P. Mooradian, Coast Guard
Captain Jonathan H. Vaughn, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Salvatore M. Maida, Navy

Major Michael A. Lewis, Air Force
Captain Heather J. Fagan, Army
Lieutenant Commander Benes Z. Aldana, Coast Guard
Major Keith Forkin, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Colleen M. Glaser-Allen, Navy

Major Calvin N. Anderson, Air Force
Captain Gisela A. Westwater, Army
Lieutenant Commander Clayton L. Diamond, Coast Guard
Major A. G. Peterson, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Sean P. Henseler, Navy

Captain Heather E. K. LoBue, Air Force
Captain Elizabeth G. Marotta, Army
Lieutenant Brad Kieserman, Coast Guard
Major Paul J. Leeds, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander F. Greg Bowman, Navy

Major James M. Durant, III, Air Force
Captain Gregory L. Bowman, Army
Lieutenant John P. Nolan, Coast Guard
Major Michael Gante, Jr., Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Brian C. Lansing, Navy

Major Guillermo R. Carranza, Air Force
Captain Damon A. King, Army
Lieutenant (J.G.) Mathew W. Merriman, Coast Guard
Captain Cory R. Weck, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Matthew C. Dolan, Navy

Major Todi S. Carnes, Air Force
Major Dinah Rainey Kirk, Army
Lieutenant Commander Michael J. Lodge, Coast Guard
Major Troy D. Taylor, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Robert Crow, Navy

Major Micheal W. Meadows, Air Force
Major Stuart W. Risch, Army
Lieutenant Melissa Bert, Coast Guard
Captain Christopher N. Hamilton, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Christian L. Reismeier, Navy

Captain Barbara Shestko, Air Force
Captain Karen Fair, Army
Lieutenant Rachel Goldberg, Coast Guard
Captain Kirk McDaniel, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Daniel Bean, Navy

Major Jane M. E. Peterson, Air Force
Major Alan L. Cook, Army
Lieutenant Charles D. Michel, Coast Guard
Captain John D. Ladue, Marine Corps
Captain Sean M. Sullivan, Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Michael T. Palmer, Navy

Major Carol L. Brennecke,   Air Force
Major Mark S. Martins,   Army
Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Korroch,   Coast Guard
Captain Brian T. Palmer,   Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Robert W. Radcliff,   Navy

Major Blain Lewis,   Air Force
Major Linda Webster,   Army
Lieutenant Commander Steven Darminty,   Coast Guard
Captain Dwight D. Sullivan,   Marine Corps
Lieutenant Commander Robert Orr, III,   Navy

Captain Paul E. Van Maldeghem,   Air Force
Captain Gregory B. Coe,   Army
Lieutenant Commander John J. Jaskot,   Coast Guard
Captain Joseph L. Falvey, Jr.,   Marine Corps
Lieutenant Matthew Foley, III,   Navy

Major J.L. Cohen,   Air Force
Captain Charles Allen,   Army
Lieutenant Commander James Mangol,   Coast Guard
Captain Christopher E. Dockerty,   Marine Corps
Lieutenant Daniel B. Clement,   Navy

Captain Mark S. Cohen,   Air Force
Captain Richard Hatch,   Army
Lieutenant Commander Robert W. Bruce,   Coast Guard
Captain Samuel D. McVey,   Marine Corps
Lieutenant Anthony B. Getchell,   Navy

Major Jerome S. Gabig,   Air Force
Major Steve K. Mulliken,   Army
Lieutenant Commander Arthur E. Brooks,   Coast Guard
Captain Terrence D. Brown,   Marine Corps
Lieutenant Patricia J. Battia,   Navy

Captain Harold C. Davis,   Air Force
Major Daniel Dell’Orto,   Army
Lieutenant Commander Dante (Dan) M. Filetti,   Navy
Lieutenant Commander Gary W. Palmer,   Coast Guard
Major Billy D. Dunsmor,   Marine Corps

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