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Judge Advocates Association2 days ago
Al Gombis calls our attention to an opportunity for someone with a background in Russia/Ukraine and with international criminal law, IHL, and/or international human rights law to apply for a new position in the State Department's Office of Global Criminal Justice. His office has just posted a GS-13 vacancy announcement on USAJobs ( and asked that we spread the word.

The announcement will close April 3rd.

Al shares:

“Just FYI, the Office of Global Criminal Justice (GCJ) is headed by an Ambassador at Large (currently, Amb. Beth Van Schaack) and is the federal policy lead on matters involving atrocity crimes - war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing. It interacts with foreign, international, and hybrid tribunals, as well as with other international mechanisms engaged in transitional justice efforts. GCJ also runs the War Crimes Rewards Program, which offers rewards for information leading to the capture of indicted individuals accused of committing atrocities, and it provides competitive grants to organizations that can carry out the programs GCJ seeks to support.

This position is specifically focused on Russia/Ukraine, but I anticipate that the office will post a second vacancy announcement later this week or next for a similar but more generic position (i.e., could focus on any country, region, or thematic concern) at the same GS-level. Potential applicants are welcome to apply to both.

If you have questions about either of these opportunities, please reach out to Al directly (DNR2M) at”
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