The Robinson O. Everett Distinguished Life Service Award honors individuals who have upheld the mission and objectives of the Association by devoting a lifetime of dedicated and significant service to the principles of military and veterans’ law and justice.  The award is the Judge Advocates Association’s highest award.

2019 LtCol Gary D. Solis, USMC (Ret.), Director of USMA LOW Program, Library of Congress Scholar

2018 SES USCG Deputy Judge Advocate General and COL, USA (Ret.) Calvin Lederer

2017 MG Daniel V. Wright, USA (Ret.)

2016 CAPT William C. DeCicco, USN (Ret.) (Clerk, USCAAF)

2015 COL Marc L. Warren, USA (Ret.)

2014 Chief Judge Andrew S. Effron, USCAAF (USA)

2013 No dinner/no award

2012 MG John D. Altenburg, Jr., USA (Ret.)

2011 Lt.Gen. Jack Rives, USAF (Ret.)

2010 BG John S. Cooke, USA (Ret.)

2009 BG Edward F. Rodriguez, Jr., USAFR (Ret.)

2008 Hon. Alexander P. White, Jr. (USMC)

2007 BG Thomas Hemingway, USAF (Ret.)

2006 MG Robert Murray, USA (Ret.)

2005 COL William S. Colwell, USAF (Ret.)

2004 CAPT Kevin J. Barry, USCG (Ret.)

2003 COL Eileen Albertson, USMC (Ret.)

2002 RADM John S. Jenkins, USN (Ret.)

2001 MG Keith E. Nelson, USAF (Ret.)

1999 Robinson O. Everett, Jr., Chief Judge, USCAAF (USAF)

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I wonder if they used the MDMP on this one.